Team Members

He founded Diasporadio in 2015. He is Dipl. Ing. at the TU Berlin and speaker for Globales Learning. As the same time he is very interested in various socio-political topics.

Janine is member of the staff of iNTEGRiTUDE e.V. since 2016, she coordinates the activities between Cameroon and Germany. She is interested in themen like antiracism and integration and she is involved in sustainable development.

Mr. Éssome Job Honoré is high school teacher in Cameroon and he guarantees an excellente communication with our partner schools. His experience allows a suitable choice of methods.

She is from Berlin, studied sociology and educational science and sees her field of action in political youth education. Questions of globalization and climate protection play a major role for her.

Yannick is member of the staff of DiaspoRadio and coordinate the activities between Cameroon and Germany.

Nico comes from Chile. He is committed to sharing experiences beyond cultures. That’s why he puts his knowledge of programming at the service of the Radio.

Current track